€œHeatingOil.com” a Fraudulent Consumer Advocate Company

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HeatingOil.com and Heat USA (heatusa.com) are the same company with different names and different 800 numbers.Same CEO, employees and address.

They are nothing what they claim to be. HeatOil.com and Heat USA represents itself as a Consumer Advocate Company. Supposedly servicing its paying member at Heat USA. HeatingOil.com is free, getting you the lowest price on fuel and heating equipment.

Not true, don't believe it. Go see their website. Do they list oil prices you should be paying? No.

Call their customer service. Ask them what you will be paying. They won't tell you. HeatingOil.com says, trust us to get you a lower price.

Don't do it. You'll be paying so much more. I paid close to a $1.00 more per gallon for heating oil. HeatingOil.com says they'll save you hundreds of dollars on heating equipment.

I paid close to $2,000.00 more as a member of Heat USA.So to all my fellow homeowners please do your homework, be your own consumer advocate and you will see why I say "Stay Away from Heat USA and HeatingOil.com."

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wow, thank you for letting me know about this company. i was just going to sign up with them.

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